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Paris, climate change talks, and terrorists/tyrants

When words sometimes fail, a picture can be worth a thousand words


1 Dec 2015

Heading to Paris: there are some hopeful signals emerging from all the noise surrounding climate change talks BUT there is a helluva storm coming right behind those signals

Perhaps the largest change from previous talks involving the Conferences of the Parties (COP) is that we have dropped the attempted COP imposition of …


1 Nov 2015

Climate change -> drought => armed conflict + political instability = mass migration, as in Syria

Climate change’s role in recent mass migrations from Syria


1 Oct 2015

Water, Water Everywhere and Not A Drop to Drink for Free – Soon It may Be Little Water Anywhere and You’ll Be Glad to Pay Just to Get Some

Some Irish resist paying for water while the supply of water itself continues to diminish


1 Sep 2015

Dutch Court Orders Dutch Government to Increase Its Climate Change Targets

A “landmark”, “milestone”, “game-changer” legal decision on climate change


1 Jul 2015

Cows, Apps, Sheep, and Drones: High Tech Comes to Agriculture

Devices for monitoring growth of grass, drones to herd sheep and more


1 Jun 2015

Talk, Talk, Talk About Climate Change – It’s Driving Some Well-Intentioned People (like Jonathan Franzen) Crazy

Think global, act local and other metaphors for talking about climate change


1 May 2015

Does Ireland Want More Cows or More Cars – It Can’t Have Both

Who is going to pay for the significant increase in dairy herds with Harvest 2020? Probably you.


1 Apr 2015

The Need to Boycott Fossil Fuel Companies, Not Just Divest from Them

We need a good, old-fashioned boycott to ostracize fossil fuel bad actors by refusing to buy any products from them


1 Nov 2014

Day of Reckoning: Germany’s energiewende

The transition to renewable energy is making life difficult for old-fashioned power companies


1 Oct 2014

Want a look at the new, de-centralised renewable electricity world that’s coming? Check out UBS report.

If you want to argue that fossil fuels must be left untapped, in the ground or seas, here are some alternatives to offer


1 Sep 2014

Waste Not, Want Not: Recontextualising Waste Prevention by the Irish EPA, EEB, and the EEA

Waste is a resource that needs to be managed better, something with which we need to be more efficient, like in the ways we manage our money


1 Aug 2014

It’s time to label sacks of coal like we do packs of cigarettes: SMOKING KILLS

Smoking coal harms those who smoke it but also those around them and it is killing our planet by emitting greenhouse gases (GHGs).


1 Jul 2014

Rounding Up the “Unusual Suspects” to Save Climate Change: Communities of Faith and Insurers

When you’re trying to figure out the next step to take to counter the fossil fuel interests, consider these “unusual suspects” as allies and seek them out to develop common grounds for action.


1 Jun 2014

Think the UN IPCC latest report is a game changer? Think again.

How people and organisations will try to muddy the waters over latest UN IPCC reports on climate change


1 May 2014

It’s Time to Scare the Bejesus Out of People about Climate Change

The AAAS report that graphically tell us what climate change may be really like


1 Apr 2014

Why Irish farmers should be deeply concerned about fracking

The governments in the Republic of Ireland (RoI) and Northern Ireland (NI) are undertaking an assessment of the possibilities for fracking on the island …


1 Mar 2014

How Much Shale Gas Is There on Island of Ireland, Really? Here’s why that’s a critical question

As the Republic of Ireland (RoI) and Northern Ireland (NI) assess the possibility of allowing fracking for shale gas on the island of Ireland, …


1 Feb 2014

Talking About Climate Change Targets: Temperature Rise vs PPM vs Carbon Budget

Why carbon budget makes sense as a climate target


1 Jan 2014