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Joe Romm, “One of the world’s largest banks thinks the writing is on the wall for the oil industry”

We think the economics of renewables are impossible for oil to compete with.


Peter Lehner, “Feed More With Less”

Redesigning our food system to radically reduce all types of waste from farm to fork


1 Sep 2017

European Geosciences Union, “Removing CO2 from the air required to safeguard children’s future”

Part of scientific basis for a lawsuit filed by 21 young people against the US government for violating their constitutional rights to life, liberty and property by failing to protect them against climate change.


1 Aug 2017

Joe Romm, “The ‘ancient carbon’ of Alaska’s tundra is being released, speeding up global warming”

The Alaskan tundra is warming so quickly it has become a net emitter of carbon dioxide ahead of schedule


1 Jul 2017

Andrew Murphy, “EU publishes damning report of emissions offsets, calling into question EU’s aviation climate strategy”

Relying solely on offsets to address aviation’s climate impact is unsustainable


1 Jun 2017

William Todts, “Europe’s love affair with biofuels is on the rocks”

The changing landscape for biofuels in Europe


2 May 2017

European Environmental Bureau (EEB), FROM FARM TO FORK: REDUCING FOOD WASTE

The paradox of so many going hungry and so many others wasting food


1 Apr 2017

Climate Analytics, “A stress test for coal in Europe under the Paris Agreement” (2017)

How to phase out coal by 2030, with different plans for different coal-dependent countries


1 Mar 2017

Samuel Kenny, “Vans: Falling through the cracks of Europe’s transport policy”

The use of vans has exploded since the 1990s, yet vans are truly the neglected outlier of Europe’s freight transport policy


1 Feb 2017

Richard K.F. Unsworth, Jessie Jarvis, Len McKenzie, and Mike van Keulen, “Seagrass is a marine powerhouse, so why isn’t it on the world’s conservation agenda?”

Seagrass, around since dinosaurs, keeps the world’s coastlines clean and healthy, and supports many different species of animal, including humans


1 Dec 2016

Thomas Quinn, “Lipstick on a pig? The 2nd Cork Declaration on Rural Development”

In the wake of the 2nd Cork Declaration on Rural Development, Thomas Quinn weighs up the chronic imbalances of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)


1 Nov 2016

David Roberts, “Relax, your electric car isn’t going to run out of juice”

“Range anxiety” from driving electric cars is very rapidly going to become an anachronism.


1 Oct 2016

Carlos Calvo Ambel, “4 reasons why cutting transport emissions is not expensive”

It’s time to break the mantra that reducing the sector’s climate impact will be costly


1 Sep 2016

Berna van Vilsteren and Vincent Harmsen, “Clean air bought the farm: agro-lobby decimates air quality directive”

The inside story of how the agriculture sector lobbied to weaken EU air quality standards with serious consequence for the health of Europeans


1 Aug 2016

David Roberts, “China is driving global renewable energy growth, in 6 graphs.”

China is pushing the developing world into the lead on renewables


1 Jul 2016

Joe Romm, “We Can Stop Searching For The Clean Energy Miracle. It’s Already Here.”

That’s a key reason almost everything you know about climate change solutions is probably outdated.


1 Jun 2016

Guy Beaufoy, “CAP Greening Threatens Ecologically Precious Land”

The so-called “greening” of the CAP is a fundamentally flawed EU policy model, especially for semi-natural or High Nature Value pastures


1 May 2016

European Environmental Bureau, “Smoke and mirrors as Commission issues Circular Economy Package with weaker waste targets”

The EU Commission withdrew waste targets in 2014 to deliver more ambitious targets, only to offer weaker targets in 2015


1 Apr 2016

Guy Taylor, “Five reasons why the TTIP talks are looking a bit wobbly”

On the disturbing and well documented problems with TTIP and why the proponents of TTIP are worried


1 Mar 2016

Joe Romm, “By 2030, Renewables Will Be The World’s Primary Power Source”

On the International Energy Agency projection that renewables account for half of additional global generation and will overtake coal around 2030 to become the largest power source


1 Feb 2016

Samantha Page, “Bill Gates Plans To Invest $2 Billion In New Renewable Technology. That’s Not A Great Idea.”

Gates wants to invest in “new” technology when we already have scalable, workable technology for renewable energy that needs support


1 Jan 2016

Sunita Narain, “Paris foretold and forewarned: what to expect from COP21”

A view of the Paris climate talks from India’s leading environmental writer


1 Dec 2015

Samantha Page, “A Global Agreement On Climate Change Likely Won’t Include Carbon Pricing: But is carbon pricing ‘inevitable’?”

While Paris talks may not include carbon pricing, is it an idea whose time has come?


1 Nov 2015

Joe Romm, How The US EPA And New York Times Are Getting Methane All Wrong

How reports about the global warming impact of methane compared to carbon dioxide are outdated and wrong.


1 Oct 2015

Aoife O’Grady, Europe’s Coal Conundrum

Can a truly sustainable Europe be a coal-addicted one?


1 Sep 2015