Summary of agency and organisation reports. Updated first of each month.

Irish Climate Inaction: From Lagging to Begrudging

The Irish government current positions on climate action seem like Green Washing rather than any substantive change of heart or mind.


A Plea for Some Concrete Language from the Irish EPA: suggested edits to EPA’s Draft Strategy for Goals and Objectives, 2016-2020

The Irish EPA needs to be more concrete and transparent with what it intends to do over the next 5 years to protect the environment


1 Nov 2015

EEB on Attempts to Block Regulation of Methane Under the Proposed Revised EU Directive on National Emission Ceilings

On attempts by vested interests, particularly in agriculture, to undermine protections against methane in proposed EU Directive


1 Oct 2015

The Pope, the Planet and Passion: LAUDATO SI’ and Getting the Tone Right

A good old-fashioned thunderous sermon from the mount on the risks from climate change and the blocks to climate action


1 Sep 2015

EEA Signals on Agriculture and Soil, and Climate Change

On how climate change is currently influencing Europe and how it is expected to impact in the future on agriculture and soils


1 Aug 2015

Wind and Biomass for Electricity and Heat: Their Wider Benefits for Ireland

On how wind and biomass help Ireland meet its EU GHG emission targets and contribute to the wider Irish economy with jobs and macroeconomic benefits


1 Jul 2015

Walmarting of Agriculture: It’s All About Consolidation and Concentration

Big agriculture pushing aside family and community farms like Walmart in the retail sector


1 Jun 2015

Developments in Irish Waste Enforcement

On status of enforcement in Ireland in waste sector


1 May 2015

EEA’s The European Environment (SOER 2015): Where Do We Stand Now

Report on the state of the environment in Europe now and its global context


1 Apr 2015

Business in the US Is Becoming Climate Riskier, But At What Cost?

Report calling for American business leaders and investors to “get in the game” and rise to the challenge of addressing climate change, but without letting us know the price of the ticket to the game


1 Mar 2015

The Trojan Horse: Investor-State Dispute Settlements in the EU-US Proposed Trade Agreement (TTIP)

On a recent study by Friends of the Earth Europe analysing 127 cases of investor-state dispute claims, and their dangers for environmental protections, and democracy


1 Feb 2015

European Environmentalism at a Crossroad, or Is it Really a Roadblock

On the past 40 years and future of European environmentalism and the implications of the unfolding policies of the new EU Commission


1 Jan 2015

A World of Cities by 2050: More People, More Money, More Water Problems and Some Possibilities

On implications for natural resources of over 50% of all people on the planet now living in cities, with 70% by 2050


30 Nov 2014

Time to Change: the Deadly Game of Fossil Fuel Subsidies

On the counterproductive, damaging effects of fossil fuels subsidies and what to do about them – Updated 14 Nov 2014


1 Nov 2014

Who, If Anyone, Do You Trust on Wind Power?

On Ireland’s National Economic and Social Council report on engaging communities with wind power


1 Oct 2014

Where Is Ireland’s Energy Policy Headed?

On government Green Paper on Energy Policy for Ireland and responses from several environmental organisations


1 Sep 2014

What’s Got the Attention of the European Environmental Bureau for 2015: Critical Environmental Issues for the European Union

Europe’s largest coalition of grassroots environmental organisations obliges us with an assessment of its priorities for the European Union for next year


1 Aug 2014

The European Environment Agency (EEA) on Well Being and Environment

We use natural resources faster than the planet can replenish them, turn resources into products that harm the planet and us, and waste or discard the products after a brief period. And then we start all over by extracting more natural resources to replace these products. It is all a vicious circle.


1 Jul 2014

Catastrophe Modelling by Insurance Companies: Building Climate Change Impacts into Doing Business

Insurance companies are far ahead of many industries and many governments when it comes to accepting climate change and, more importantly, building that acceptance into the way they do business.


1 Jun 2014

EU Policy on Airline Pollution: Evolving or Regressing?

On need for market-based measure to address GHGs from EU aviation sector


1 May 2014

Northern Ireland’s Climate Adaptation Programme: Going Nowhere

The Plan falls far short of marking any progress on climate change adaptation


1 Apr 2014

Climate Change Adaptation in Ireland: A Blueprint Without a Builder

A blueprint for climate change adaptation but with nobody to build the structure


1 Mar 2014

Think Local, Act Global: Dutch Ideas for a Robust Environmental Policy for the 21st Century

Climate change and other threats are leaving us all vulnerable in ways we never were in the past, and the past ways of dealing with environmental threats do not seem to be working – new Dutch report


1 Feb 2014

An “Earth Gathering” in Dublin on Sustainable Development

On the UCD conference on sustainable development that reached out to the Irish Diaspora


1 Dec 2013