Inequality is bad for the environment

And the environment is bad for inequality


1 Aug 2017

Trump was going to ignore or undermine the Paris Climate Accord, whether he stayed or left

Why it will be best for everyone else now that he is leaving


1 Jun 2017


An example of and model for an enforcement operation against polluting diesel trucks


2 May 2017

It’s Time to Scare the Bejesus Out of People about Climate Change

Part 2 – More Bejesus Needed, But for Whom?


1 Apr 2017

Everybody Seems to Be Moving to Cities. Why?

Looking for jobs and excitement, escaping war zones, and, soon, getting away from climate change impacts


1 Mar 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR? Not Much of A Chance for That in 2017

Thanks to T-Rex and RasPUTIN


1 Jan 2017

Mary Robinson suggested that eating vegetables instead of meat might be good for the planet

The farming lobby busted an artery in response. They could have saved their artery by eating less meat and more vegetables.


1 Nov 2016

40 years ago a cloud of dioxin descended on Seveso, Italy

The land and homes became toxic, hundreds of children were inflicted with chloracne, pregnant women were put at risk


1 Sep 2016

Brexit, BoJo and the Conservative Party, and Air Pollution in London and Beyond: What A Mess

Who will protect the citizens of London and other urban areas against air pollution – not the UK government, with or without Brexit


1 Jul 2016

The “Environment” in the Irish Programme for Government — Missing in Action

The “environment” has gone missing from the 2016 Irish government’s Programme for Government. Where did it go?


1 Jun 2016

Chernobyl: Looking Back Over 30 Years

It’s Still Disturbing


1 Apr 2016

Look at what happens as result of climate change in 10,000 years, based on decisions now being taken on climate policies

Then imagine Donald Trump or like-“minded” politicians making those decisions


1 Mar 2016

David Roberts (Vox) on Why Zero is Way More Than 2 or 350

The “bracing clarity of a vision for Zero carbon”


1 Feb 2016

Paris, climate change talks, and terrorists/tyrants

When words sometimes fail, a picture can be worth a thousand words


1 Dec 2015

Heading to Paris: there are some hopeful signals emerging from all the noise surrounding climate change talks BUT there is a helluva storm coming right behind those signals

Perhaps the largest change from previous talks involving the Conferences of the Parties (COP) is that we have dropped the attempted COP imposition of …


1 Nov 2015

Climate change -> drought => armed conflict + political instability = mass migration, as in Syria

Climate change’s role in recent mass migrations from Syria


1 Oct 2015

Water, Water Everywhere and Not A Drop to Drink for Free – Soon It may Be Little Water Anywhere and You’ll Be Glad to Pay Just to Get Some

Some Irish resist paying for water while the supply of water itself continues to diminish


1 Sep 2015