The international talks on what do about climate breakdown are proceeding under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  That process has been going on since the Earth summit in 1992.  One important mechanism for helping countries form commitments or targets for reducing their greenhouse gasses (GHGs) was the adoption of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) that are applicable to both developed and developing countries.  Under this approach, adopted in the Paris agreement in 2015, each country set forth its targets for reducing GHG emissions and how it was prepared to do that.





To assure that sufficient attentions remained focused on this goal, the parties to the UNFCCC adopted a Global Stocktake whereby each country will update its NDC to account for the  most recent climate conditions and scientific and technological developments that impact on achieving collective progress towards the long-term climate goals.  The first Global Stocktake will occur at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference of the parties (COP 28), and will be repeated every five years.

The Stocktake is described as an inventory where everybody can see what everybody is offering and whether they are meeting their targets.  Perhaps a better metaphor is the stocktake as a global report card, showing the progress, or lack thereof, towards the goals of the Paris Agreement.  It is intended to add some authenticity, or honesty, in making good on one’s promises.


Some further ideas to explore on Global Stocktake:

According to the Global Stocktake, how do you determine which countries are passing and which are failing on reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement?

How many of the 10 most developed countries are failing?

Does the Stocktake provide information or analysis of how usage of fossil fuels is impacting the achievement of the Paris Agreement, including impact from subsidies of the fossil fuel industries.



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