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Europe’s Climate in 2025 – from Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)

An accessible explanation of the variations in temperature and precipitation as well as the extreme climate events that European inhabitants will have to face by 2050


Carbon Calamity – a climate solution rap battle

UN Environment Program


1 Apr 2024

For first time, global warming has exceeded 1.5C over 12 months – DW

For the first time the world was 1.5 degrees warmer compared to pre-industrial times


1 Mar 2024

Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.

Living within planetary boundaries is the most promising strategy for ensuring a healthy future


1 Feb 2024

If Antarctic melts, who actually survives?

What would happen to coastal cities around the world if Antarctica were to melt


1 Jan 2024

How green is the energy revolution really? – The Economist

How fast is the world moving towards a green future


1 Dec 2023

The need for carbon removal is clear, but how – Grist

Should we pull carbon out of the air with trees, or machines? It’s not as simple as it sounds


1 Nov 2023

What the Fossil Fuel Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know | Al Gore | TED (7 August 2023) – 25:44min

Gore's searing indictment of fossil fuel companies for walking back their climate commitments


1 Sep 2023

How this country [Australia] became a climate villain – Deutsche Welle (DW)

Australia doesn't make sense: scorched by fires and drowned by floods; full of sun, wind, water, land, minerals and money...


1 Jul 2023

George Monbiot debunks Russell Brand’s far-right farming conspiracy theories: The Correction

On the Dutch government’s new law to reduce harmful nitrate pollution in livestock farming - from Sentient Media


1 Jun 2023

Earth Day 2023: Johan Rockstrom’s Quest for a Healthy Planet

Preserving planetary boundaries


1 May 2023

Green Hydrogen – Climate Hype or Hope? – DW documentary

Is green hydrogen the answer to the climate crisis?


1 Apr 2023

Lapland – The last primeval forests

Can Lapland’s primeval forests be saved? - DW Documentary


1 Mar 2023

Have We Made ANY Progress on Climate Change? Here’s The Data, You Decide – PBS Terra

Doomsday may seem like it's right around the corner - is it?


1 Jan 2023

The race for the Arctic is ramping up. Here’s why – DW Planet A

Status of dangers and efforts to protect the arctic environment - from DW Planet A


1 Dec 2022

Joe Rogan with David Wallace-Wells on “The Long Term Effects of Climate Change”

The dire consequences of this sweltering, unsettled earth


1 Nov 2022

What Will Earth Look Like When These 6 Tipping Points Hit?

How tipping points are getting closer and closer, and then what happens


1 Oct 2022

Europe Has Zero Minerals (from Into Europe)

Critical Raw Materials are now the focus of a new gold rush in a race for technological and economic supremacy.


1 Sep 2022

Europe’s climate in 2050 (UN)

UN researchers explain in an accessible way the variations in temperature and precipitation as well as the extreme climate events...


1 Aug 2022

Crypto and NFTs Are Environmental Disasters…But Do They Have to Be?

The wild wacky world of cypro currency and NFTs - get a glimpse


1 Jun 2022

Climate solutions are here! Let’s go! – IPCC latest critical report with solutions

IPCC climate solutions science report AR6 WGIII - from Greenpeace


1 May 2022