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Open letter by civil society on the rollback of green measures in the EU – Brussels, 13 May 2024

A joint statement signed by over 140 civil society organisations to protest the rollback of green measures in the EU



A useful entry into the extensive 4-volume Climate Change Assessment by the Irish EPA


1 May 2024

EEA, European Climate Risk Assessment

The EEA has published the first ever European Climate Risk Assessment (EUCRA) to help identify policy priorities for climate change adaptation and for climate-sensitive sectors.


1 Apr 2024

Ireland’s Draft Updated National Energy and Climate Plan – EU Commission Assessment

EC Assessment of Ireland’s recent update of its National Energy and Climate Plan


1 Mar 2024

Legal Bullies Take Notice: EU Prepares to SLAPP Back

First-ever EU law to protect individuals from SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation)


1 Feb 2024

IEA, The Fast Emerging Energy Economy

A snapshot of the new energy economy and how fast it is emerging.


1 Jan 2024

William Todts/T&E, “How German auto arrogance brought about Europe’s Kodak moment”

Europe’s auto industry has a decades-long track record of doing too little, too late.


1 Dec 2023

LAUDATE DEUM: Apostolic Exhortation – Pope Francis

Pope Francis’ recent Apostolic Exhortation on climate change


1 Nov 2023

Time to Step Up Citizen Involvement in Climate-Neutrality Plans

Critical need for citizen participation in EU National Energy and Climate Plans


1 Oct 2023

Transport & Environment, Why we need a 2040 climate target

Has the adoption of a EU 2040 climate target fallen in the hands of procrastinators?


1 Sep 2023

The truth about Bitcoin’s energy use – Grist

Do cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin amount to climate arson or a clean-energy boon? Well, it’s complicated.


1 Aug 2023

CLASP and European Public Health Alliance, Exposing the Hidden Health Impacts of Cooking with Gas

All gas cooking appliances release pollutants that are harmful to human health and the environment.


1 Jul 2023

EEB, Time For A Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

The commitment to prevent the proliferation of coal, oil and gas by ending all new exploration and production


1 Jun 2023

EEA, Air pollution levels across Europe still not safe, especially for children

Air pollution threats to children’s health


1 May 2023

EEB, Environmental crime is a crime – it’s time to act like it

The legal arsenal to tackle environmental crime is lacking both at national and European level.


1 Mar 2023

Oil majors investing 8 times more in biofuels than hydrogen

Charge that oil producers are not being serious about investing in genuinely clean fuels, but choosing the easy, unsustainable biofuels option


1 Feb 2023

EEB, The Elephant in the Room of EU Climate Action

Emission reductions in agriculture should take explicit priority in the EU’s climate policy


1 Jan 2023

EEA, Energy prosumers and cities

How prosumers (producer-consumers) of renewable energy can help to accelerate the transition to a decarbonisation of society


1 Dec 2022

Peter Lehner and Nathan Rosenberg, “Farming for Our Future: Opportunities Abound”

How agriculture can be transformed to help stabilize our climate.


1 Nov 2022

EEA, Beating cancer – the role of Europe’s environment

A brief overview of the evidence on the environmental and occupational determinants of cancer in Europe and of EU policy responses.


1 Oct 2022

Barry McMullin, Andrew Jackson, Paul R. Price and John Sweeney, “Irish Sectoral Emissions Ceilings under the first Carbon Budget Programme: Flawed both in law and in science”

The Irish government’s flaws in dealing with Sectoral Emissions Ceilings under the first Carbon Budget Programme


1 Sep 2022

EEB/META, World’s First Special Rapporteur on environmental defenders now at the other end of the line

The world’s first Special Rapporteur on environmental defenders under the Aarhus Convention


1 Aug 2022

Methane at Sea: Finding the Invisible Climate Killer

So-called ‘green’ liquid natural gas (LNG) contains significant amounts of invisible methane being released into the atmosphere.


1 Jul 2022