Videotaped conversations on environmental issues. Updated first of each month.

How green is the energy revolution really? – The Economist

How fast is the world moving towards a green future


Keep fighting: Greenpeace 50 years of hope in action

We have to keep fighting


1 Nov 2021

The climate science behind wildfires: why are they getting worse?

Why wildfires are raging across the world


1 Sep 2021

Fit for 55: Too Much, Too Soon? Too Little, Too Late? from DW

Some pros and cons of the EU Fit for 55 program


1 Aug 2021

Why Lawns Must Die

All the reasons why lawns are counter productive


30 Jun 2021

Ireland’s Boglands | A Hidden Wilderness – The Ethnographer

An intimate look at Irish bogs


1 Jun 2021

EU climate law explained: Europe wants to hit carbon net-zero – but by when?

What is happening with the proposed EU Climate Law


1 May 2021

Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context: the Espoo Convention (UNECE)

Obligations of Parties to assess the environmental impact of certain activities at an early stage of planning, and continuing consultation...


1 Apr 2021

Nuclear energy: A (not so) necessary evil – with Alix Mazounie, Greenpeace France

With Alix Mazounie, Energy Transition Campaigner, Greenpeace France


1 Mar 2021

Sharon Turner on Covid-19 and Lessons and Decision Making Reform

Lessons to be learned from Covid-19 experience for dealing with environmental crises


1 Feb 2021

Denmark to end all gas and oil exploration by 2050

Helene Hagel, Head of Climate and Environmental Policy at Greenpeace Denmark, on Denmark's commitment to phase out all oil and...


1 Jan 2021

Dr Peter Carter | Expert IPPC Reviewer

How very, very, very bad things are getting for dealing with climate breakdown


1 Dec 2020

Ariel Brunner of Birdlife International on “Saving Europe’s Environmental Laws”

On saving the critical EU Birds and Habitats Directives


1 Nov 2020

The rise of eco-anxiety

Amid a dizzying array of warnings about the state of the planet, Down to Earth, from French public broadcast service,...


1 Oct 2020

George Monbiot Debunks Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans

“Rich white people blaming poor brown people for an environmental problem mainly created by rich white people”


1 Sep 2020

New warning over climate change from Siberian Arctic – BBC News

Stark new findings of an international team of scientists led by the UK Met Office


1 Aug 2020

The Air We Breathe – Greenpeace

Top experts in air pollution discuss the causes and solutions to toxic air that continues to kill people across the...


1 Jul 2020

Nicola Jones on “The dangers of a noisy ocean — and how we can quiet it down”

There's more to ocean pollution than plastics


1 Jun 2020

Paul Krugman on the Green New Deal, Income Inequality, and The Destruction of Society

Paul Krugman on the environment, monetary policy and the short term - from Real Vision Finance


1 May 2020

Temporary environmental bounce back and how coronavirus is an environmental crisis

Coronavirus impact on environment and how it began with displacing bats from their natural ecosystem - from M


1 Apr 2020

Antarctica breaks 20-degree-Celsius barrier | DW News

1st time in recorded history, the temperature on the world's southernmost continent has reached over 20 degrees Celsius, with Derrick...


1 Mar 2020

Davos 2020: Tim Jackson on qualitative growth

Is there an alternative to growth as we know it? Can future economic growth be tied to improved environmental outcomes?


1 Feb 2020