Videotaped conversations on environmental issues. Updated first of each month.

New warning over climate change from Siberian Arctic – BBC News

Stark new findings of an international team of scientists led by the UK Met Office


Interview with Cillian Lohan, CEO of Green Economy Foundation (formerly Irish Natural Forestry Foundation)

On Cillian Lohan's work in forestry sector, on his work on European Economic & Social Committee, and on the rebranding...


1 Jan 2016

Interview with Frank McDonald, recently retired Environment Editor, The Irish Times

On McDonald's tenure at the IT and the environmental movement in Ireland, 1979-2015


1 Nov 2015

Interview with Jim Kitchen, Executive Director, Sustainable Northern Ireland

On his work over decades on Sustainable Development with the devolved administration and local councils in NI, and establishing WWF...


1 Sep 2015

Interview with Craig McGuicken, Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Environment Link

On the drastic government budget cuts affecting environmental sector in Northern Ireland and the sectors' resilience


1 Jun 2015

Interview with Déirdre de Búrca, Director of Advocacy and Child Justice, World Vision

On the work of World Vision and growing interplay between developmental aid and climate change


1 May 2015

Interview with Alan Andrews, Head of Air Program, ClientEarth

On the work of ClientEarth and an anatomy of the litigation against the UK for breaches of nitrogen dioxide limit...


1 Apr 2015

Interview with Magda Stoczkiewicz, Director, Friends of the Earth Europe

On the work of the Friends of Earth Europe, including Keepers, 2030 EU targets, the deregulation agenda of the new...


1 Mar 2015

Interview with Ariel Brunner, Head of EU Policy, Birdlife Europe

On the disturbing signals on environmental policy from the new European Commission, and the work of Birdlife Europe and its...


1 Feb 2015

Interviews on Emissions Cutting Deal Reached at COP 20 Lima: Will it Help? Three Views

With Asad Rehman, Suzanne Goldenberg, and Nitin Sethi from Free Speech TV


1 Jan 2015

Interview with Peter Sweetman

On litigating environmental matters in Irish and EU courts, including Shell Corrrib and Galway Bypass cases.


30 Nov 2014

Interview with Conor Murphy, Lecturer in Geography and Director of Irish Climate Analysis & Research Units (ICARUS), NUI Maynooth

On climate change, adaptation, interdisciplinary approaches, communicating about climate change, metabolism of cities, urban planet


1 Nov 2014

Interview with Karen Dubsky, International Coordinator, Coastwatch

On the origins and ongoing work of Coastwatch in Ireland and around the world


1 Oct 2014

Interview with David Healy, Oxfam: on climate change, hunger and agriculture, biofuels and Irish climate bill

Currently with Oxfam, active with Green Party, Friends of the Irish Environment, Feasta, and former advisor to Irish Minister for...


1 Sep 2014

Interview with Pádraic Fogarty, Irish Wildlife Trust

On badger culling, newt and ladybird surveys, and Harvest 2020


1 Jul 2014

Interview with Eamon Ryan, Leader of the Green Party in Ireland

On climate bill, agriculture and emissions, and ways forward on renewable energy and grids


1 Jun 2014

Aoife O’Grady Interview with Annika Ahtonen, Policy Analyst for Climate, European Policy Centre

On the recent UN IPCC reports and EU climate and energy policy developments


1 May 2014

Interview with James Orr, Director of Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland

On A5 road project, assaults on planning process, fracking, and community activism


1 Feb 2014