Videotaped conversations on environmental issues. Updated first of each month.


European Environment Bureau on insufficient money for climate action


Paul Krugman on the Green New Deal, Income Inequality, and The Destruction of Society

Paul Krugman on the environment, monetary policy and the short term - from Real Vision Finance


1 May 2020

Temporary environmental bounce back and how coronavirus is an environmental crisis

Coronavirus impact on environment and how it began with displacing bats from their natural ecosystem - from M


1 Apr 2020

Antarctica breaks 20-degree-Celsius barrier | DW News

1st time in recorded history, the temperature on the world's southernmost continent has reached over 20 degrees Celsius, with Derrick...


1 Mar 2020

Davos 2020: Tim Jackson on qualitative growth

Is there an alternative to growth as we know it? Can future economic growth be tied to improved environmental outcomes?


1 Feb 2020

Joe Rogan talks with David Wallace-Wells, author of “The Uninhabitable Earth”

On the long-term disastrous effects of climate breakdown


1 Nov 2019

Thomas and Claire O’Connor Farming For Nature Ambassador 2019 – organic farming in Kerry

"Organic food and caring for the environment we live in is not just a job for us. It is our...


1 Oct 2019

Publisher Robert Emmet Hernan on 10th Anniversary of “irish environment”

Comments on status of environmental movement on island of Ireland


1 Sep 2019

Mary Robinson on Women Leading on Climate Change – Interview with Laura Flanders

Mary Robinson on the critical role of women for advancing actions to address climate breakdown


1 Aug 2019

The First Time with Bill McKibben – Rolling Stone

Bill McKibben on the first time he realized Trump's effects on the environment, the Green New Deal, learning about climate...


1 Jul 2019

Interview with Michael Ewing, Coordinator of Irish Environmental Network and Pillar: Part II, on environmental challenges

Interview in Dublin on Nov 1, 2018. Part II on Challenges for Environmental Community Part I appeared in the May...


1 Jun 2019

Interview with Michael Ewing, Coordinator of Irish Environmental Network and Pillar, on recent achievements of environmental community : Part I, Achievements

On Public Participation Networks, Fracking, Fossil Fuel Divestment, Sustainable Development Goals, High Court decision on constitutional right to protection of...


1 May 2019

Interview with Sean Kelly on Brexit and cross-border environmental issues

On the work of Nature Matters Northern Ireland on Brexit and cross-border environmental issues


1 Apr 2019

Interview with John McMullan, Bryson Charitable Group

On the environmental work of Bryson Charitable Group in energy and recycling


1 Mar 2019

Interview with Dr. Jade Berman, Ulster Wildlife and Nature Matters Northern Ireland

On the impact of Brexit on protection of the marine environment in Northern Ireland


1 Feb 2019

Interview with Anne-Marie McDevitt, Project Manager of Nature Matters Northern Ireland

Interview with Anne-Marie McDevitt, Project Manager of Nature Matters Northern Ireland, on implications of BREXIT for NI environment


1 Jan 2019

Radiation Survey in Fukushima Prefecture – Greenpeace (August 2018)

A survey by Greenpeace Japan in the towns of Iitate and Namie in Fukushima prefecture, including the exclusion zone


1 Dec 2018

Using technology to combat environmental crime from the EU Environment

Phone app in Ireland, drones in UK, and GPS throughout EU - from the European Commission


27 Oct 2018

Interview with Monika Zelinska, Academy of European Law (ERA)

On the broad work of the Academy of Law in training judges and lawyers and others on EU environmental law


1 Sep 2018

Interview with Sinead O’Brien, Coordinator, Sustainable Water Network (SWAN)

On the EU Water Framework Directive and how it is being implemented, and not, in Ireland


1 Jul 2018

Interview with Mindy O’Brien, Coordinator, Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment (VOICE)

On VOICE's work on waste issues, including food waste and zero waste, and on water issues


1 Jun 2018

Javier Bardem in the Antarctic with Greenpeace

On the critical need for an Antarctic Sanctuary - in English and sub-titles


1 May 2018

David Roberts on “Climate change is simple” in TEDx talk

Leading commentator, formerly of Grist and now with Vox, on the causes and effects of climate change in blunt, plain...


1 Apr 2018