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What the Fossil Fuel Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know | Al Gore | TED (7 August 2023) – 25:44min

Gore’s searing indictment of fossil fuel companies for walking back their climate commitments


How this country [Australia] became a climate villain – Deutsche Welle (DW)

Australia doesn't make sense: scorched by fires and drowned by floods; full of sun, wind, water, land, minerals and money...


1 Jul 2023

George Monbiot debunks Russell Brand’s far-right farming conspiracy theories: The Correction

On the Dutch government’s new law to reduce harmful nitrate pollution in livestock farming - from Sentient Media


1 Jun 2023

Earth Day 2023: Johan Rockstrom’s Quest for a Healthy Planet

Preserving planetary boundaries


1 May 2023

Green Hydrogen – Climate Hype or Hope? – DW documentary

Is green hydrogen the answer to the climate crisis?


1 Apr 2023

Lapland – The last primeval forests

Can Lapland’s primeval forests be saved? - DW Documentary


1 Mar 2023

Have We Made ANY Progress on Climate Change? Here’s The Data, You Decide – PBS Terra

Doomsday may seem like it's right around the corner - is it?


1 Jan 2023

The race for the Arctic is ramping up. Here’s why – DW Planet A

Status of dangers and efforts to protect the arctic environment - from DW Planet A


1 Dec 2022

Joe Rogan with David Wallace-Wells on “The Long Term Effects of Climate Change”

The dire consequences of this sweltering, unsettled earth


1 Nov 2022

What Will Earth Look Like When These 6 Tipping Points Hit?

How tipping points are getting closer and closer, and then what happens


1 Oct 2022

Europe Has Zero Minerals (from Into Europe)

Critical Raw Materials are now the focus of a new gold rush in a race for technological and economic supremacy.


1 Sep 2022

Europe’s climate in 2050 (UN)

UN researchers explain in an accessible way the variations in temperature and precipitation as well as the extreme climate events...


1 Aug 2022

Crypto and NFTs Are Environmental Disasters…But Do They Have to Be?

The wild wacky world of cypro currency and NFTs - get a glimpse


1 Jun 2022

Climate solutions are here! Let’s go! – IPCC latest critical report with solutions

IPCC climate solutions science report AR6 WGIII - from Greenpeace


1 May 2022

Why the US isn’t ready for clean energy

Making clean energy isn’t enough: We also have to move it


1 Apr 2022

SLAPP lawsuits: A slap in the face of democracy & rule of law | DW News

Polluters' attempt to intimidate environmentalists through expensive lawsuits


1 Mar 2022

See what three degrees C of global warming looks like – The Economist

Three degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels would be catastrophic, and this film shows you what it would look like.


1 Feb 2022

Ungreen windpower: Sámi indigenous perspectives on development of wind farms from beginning to end

Sámi experience with problematic development of wind farms from start to finish


1 Jan 2022

Experts see no environmental bonus from the COVID pandemic – DW

Post COP26: Plastic masks, emissions, deforestation


1 Dec 2021

Keep fighting: Greenpeace 50 years of hope in action

We have to keep fighting


1 Nov 2021

The climate science behind wildfires: why are they getting worse?

Why wildfires are raging across the world


1 Sep 2021