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NGOs demand action on EU sustainable food systems


Greenpeace 2023: There’s something in the air

The power of a movement takes millions – and millions can make dreams come true.


1 May 2024

You and AI: How the technology is being utilized to fight climate change

Dealing with data and climate change


1 Apr 2024

Plastics treaty talks yield ‘chaos,’ says Greenpeace

The talks to set up the world’s first treaty to curb plastic pollution are not making enough progress


1 Mar 2024

Levels of air pollution in Europe ‘still too high’, warns EU environment agency (Nov 2023)

Pollution levels still too high despite an improvement in air quality, according to a new report by the European Environment Agency (EEA).


1 Feb 2024

The True Cost of Big Oil – UNCS

A story of greed and climate change


1 Jan 2024

Total Pollution: A Dirty Game – Greenpeace

Imagine a fossil fuel industry filling a stadium with oil


1 Dec 2023

Global Warming Isn’t Scary Enough with comedian Bengt Washburn

Global warming’s seriousness conveyed through humor


1 Nov 2023

A plastic story – Greenpeace South Korea

Average usage time of plastics is only 6 months; it takes more than 500 years for plastic products to decompose.


1 Oct 2023

Why the US isn’t ready for clean energy – VOX (21 Sept 2021) 6:50min

Making clean energy isn’t enough: We also have to move it


1 Sep 2023

Diving the 65th Parallel: Unseen worlds on the Antarctic Sea Floor – Greenpeace

The southernmost scientific submarine dive in history, at 65 degrees south


1 Aug 2023

The European Green Deal faces its moment of truth: nature restoration

The Green Deal, described by Ursula von der Leyen as “Europe’s man on the moon moment,” is about to undergo a litmus test.


1 Jul 2023

Dutch gov’t to buy out farmers to reduce livestock emissions

The European Union has approved a Dutch government plan to buy out thousands of farmers


1 Jun 2023

Here’s how much Exxon really knew about climate change – going back to the 1970s (Grist)

Exxon predicted climate change with 99% accuracy — in 1985 – then denied it for decades


1 Mar 2023

Ali G joins a Tree Protest

Ali G and the Tree Protest


1 Feb 2023

The end of 2022 – Greenpeace

Earth is home, and it belongs to us all.


1 Jan 2023

Incredible Collapse Triggered by Glacier Calving

Glacier calving from increased rain and warm weather


1 Dec 2022

Oil is War: Nadia’s Story by Greenpeace

Oil and gas are fuelling war and suffering across the world. It’s time to end the fossil fuel age.


1 Nov 2022

Greenpeace is using boulders in the fight against bottom trawlers

How to disrupt bottom trawling and its destructive ways


30 Sep 2022

300 drones, 1 message: Act Now

Using 300 drones to convey one message on climate breakdown: ACT NOW


1 Sep 2022

Plastic. Is. EVERYWHERE. – Greenpeace

Call for a Plastics Treaty


1 Aug 2022