Videos from YouTube on environmental topics. Updated first of each month.

Total Pollution: A Dirty Game – Greenpeace

Imagine a fossil fuel industry filling a stadium with oil


Livestock Create a Major Methane Problem – Racing Extinction

Watch a cow fill a garbage bag with methane.


1 Nov 2021

Story of a plastic bottle – Greenpeace

Continuing failure to deal with plastic bottles


1 Oct 2021

Greenpeace Day Music

Our earth in a balance?


1 Sep 2021

Natural Capital on Farmland

What is Natural Capital Accounting – and how can it be applied by farmers to help conserve and protect nature and wildlife?


1 Aug 2021

The tipping points that could change the Earth forever – Grist

How close are we to a climate tipping point?


30 Jun 2021

Wasteminster: A Downing Street Disaster – by Greenpeace

UK dumping off its plastic pollution to other countries where it causes serious health problems and adverse effects on oceans and wildlife


1 Jun 2021

Earth Day 2021: Road to Recovery – American Museum of Natural History

Lessons from the coronavirus pandemic for the fight against climate change


26 Apr 2021

Netflix, Streaming and Dirty Energy – Time to Stop (Greenpeace)

Netflix, a giant streaming video, uses dirty energies, like coal, to power its servers, and our streaming. Greenpeace is asking Netflix to give up the polluting energies


1 Apr 2021

This tiny model town shows how we could achieve 100% clean energy – by Grist

Grist built a tiny model town to show what it would look like if we tried to transition to 100% clean energy. In the real world, it can be even more difficult.


1 Mar 2021

Net zero climate plans, explained – by Grist

When is Net Zero not Net Zero


1 Feb 2021

Ireland’s Environment – An Integrated Assessment 2020

Irish EPA’s assessment of the overall quality of Ireland’s environment: the good, the bad and the encouraging


1 Jan 2021

Bialowieza Forest: The Last Primeval Forest in Europe – To The Last Tree Standing (Greenpeace)

The last primeval forest in Europe is reconstructed virtually, it goes viral, then is virtually destroyed, leaving one virtual tree standing. A viral lesson


1 Dec 2020

Natural Regeneration of Irish Native Woodlands – by @rayofoghlu on Twitter

Natural regeneration by connecting native woodlands


1 Nov 2020

SNL Weekend Update: U.N.’s Climate Change Report (2018)

Why so few care about the disaster known as climate change


1 Oct 2020

Greenpeace Serenity Segment: Aerial

In these stressful times it’s important to take a moment for ourselves. To tune out of the news cycle, tune into nature, and relax.


1 Sep 2020

The Open Water Initiative – replacing single-plastic water bottles at The Open Golf Championships

Using water-refilling stations and special edition reusable stainless steel bottles


1 Aug 2020

Bring Nature Back

From Friends of the Earth Europe, WWF, BirdLife and EEB


1 Jun 2020

Serenity Segment: Slumbering Seals – from Greenpeace

Having trouble sleeping? Feeling guilty about lying around all day not knowing what to do with yourself? Check out the seals.


1 May 2020

Trump blocked over plans to build wall around Irish golf resort at Doonbeg County Clare

Trump’s attempt to build a seawall at Doonbeg rejected by Irish planning authority


1 Apr 2020

Arctic ice loss could turn Western Europe a lot colder

Instead of warming, arctic ice loss could turn Europe’s weather a lot colder – from Tomo News


1 Mar 2020

Animated Maps: Arctic Sea Ice Age Decline

In the mid-1980’s, thick ice covered one-third of the Arctic; today, it accounts for just over one percent of the area.


1 Feb 2020

Most Inspiring Environmental Stories of 2019 from NowThisNews

Trees that grow in form of furniture, toothpaste without tubes, re-useable swabs, planting 350 million trees in 12 hours


1 Jan 2020

How fracking is taking its toll on Argentina’s indigenous people

The local Mapuche community’s claim that the oil and gas industry has irreversibly damaged their ancestral homeland, and with it their traditional ways of life


1 Dec 2019