Videos from YouTube on environmental topics. Updated first of each month.

The Story of Paper Tissues

Wong Cheuk Yin Cayden from St Columbas College, Co. Dublin is the winner of EPA The Story of Your Stuff Competition for 2022


Trump blocked over plans to build wall around Irish golf resort at Doonbeg County Clare

Trump’s attempt to build a seawall at Doonbeg rejected by Irish planning authority


1 Apr 2020

Arctic ice loss could turn Western Europe a lot colder

Instead of warming, arctic ice loss could turn Europe’s weather a lot colder – from Tomo News


1 Mar 2020

Animated Maps: Arctic Sea Ice Age Decline

In the mid-1980’s, thick ice covered one-third of the Arctic; today, it accounts for just over one percent of the area.


1 Feb 2020

Most Inspiring Environmental Stories of 2019 from NowThisNews

Trees that grow in form of furniture, toothpaste without tubes, re-useable swabs, planting 350 million trees in 12 hours


1 Jan 2020

How fracking is taking its toll on Argentina’s indigenous people

The local Mapuche community’s claim that the oil and gas industry has irreversibly damaged their ancestral homeland, and with it their traditional ways of life


1 Dec 2019

Climate activist Greta Thunberg on why being on the autism spectrum is her “superpower”

She attributes her hyperfocus and “outside-the-box thinking” to being on the autism spectrum, viewing her condition as an advantage for addressing the current climate crisis


1 Nov 2019

Under the Sea: An animated short by Ailbhe Cannon, with original music composition by Ciarán Cannon

An animated short film created to raise awareness of the effects of plastic pollution on turtles and other species of marine wildlife


1 Oct 2019

Roger Hallam, co-founder, Extinction Rebellion – The birth, the theory and the practice

Interview with Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion on its birth, theory and practices


1 Sep 2019

Original Environmental Song – You Can Count on Trees

3rd place in the Primary School’s Environmental Theme Song Competition (sung by Mia Black with Melody of Bruno Mars, Count on Me)


1 Aug 2019

The Green New Deal (US), explained – David Roberts and Vox

What the Green New Deal Resolution in US Congress is trying to do


1 Jul 2019

In Honor of our Earth | Earth Day 2019

Hippocrates Health Institute


1 May 2019

‘A Walk On the Beach’ – Stop Donald Trump’s Seawall!

Save The Waves Coalition and environmental partners opposing Donald Trump’s seawall in Doonbeg, Ireland.


1 Apr 2019

Fashion’s Crippling Impact On The Environment Is Only Getting Worse (HBO)

Fast fashion has become one of the biggest sources of pollution in the world.


1 Mar 2019

Ireland’s first Artificial Reef – Killala Bay

Blow up an old ship, sink it and create a vibrant reef


1 Feb 2019

You Are Stealing Our Future: Greta Thunberg, 15, Condemns the World’s Inaction on Climate Change

If you haven’t yet seen Greta Thunberg’s speech at COP, now is the time


1 Jan 2019

The EU acts to limit mercury pollution – from the EU Council

The risks of mercury and efforts to reduce them


1 Dec 2018

Michael Abramovich plays Chopin in Hamburg, ahead of the G20 meeting 2017 – from Greenpeace

Chopin on the river in Hamburg before Meeting of G20 in 2017


27 Oct 2018

The radical history and dockless future of bikeshares – from Grist

Where we started and where we are with shared bikes


1 Oct 2018

One word defined 2017: Resist – from Greenpeace

Here’s to doing even more together in 2018


1 Sep 2018

How a hot city can keep its cool – from Grist

On the urban heat island effect and climate injustices in cities


1 Aug 2018

Clean Water – from Alfonso Pena Rotella, Spain – one of winners in EEA I LIVE GREEN video competition

One of winners in European Environment Agency I LIVE GREEN video competition


1 Jul 2018

The Story of Chewing Gum

Winner of the Irish EPA Story of Your Stuff competition 2018


1 Jun 2018

Michael Mann on Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Increasing confidence in attributing extreme weather events to climate change


1 May 2018