Videos from YouTube on environmental topics. Updated first of each month.

Serenity Segment: Slumbering Seals – from Greenpeace

Having trouble sleeping? Feeling guilty about lying around all day not knowing what to do with yourself? Check out the seals.


Exxon Knew About Climate Change in the 70s

ExxonMobil follows trail of the tobacco industry in denying in public the harm its business was causing while it knew full well about that harm


1 Feb 2016

Katy Perry’s weather forecast

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Katy Perry delivers a special weather report on the devastating effects of climate change for the world’s children.


1 Jan 2016

The Fixer at Biggest Polluters Secret Headquarters, with Jeff Goldblum

How the Fixer sets Big Polluters straight


1 Dec 2015

Pope Francis in “The Encyclical”: the epic battle against the climate crisis – the movie trailer

The Pope trains for his toughest match against fossil fuels


1 Sep 2015

Clarke and Dawe, “The Front Fell Off” – despite rigorous regulation of shipping, sometimes the front of a ship just falls off and oil spills out

Despite rigorous regulation of shipping, sometimes the front just falls off and oil spills out


1 Aug 2015

Symphony of Science – The Poetry of Reality (An Anthem for Science)

Famous scientists singing about the value of science


1 Jul 2015

Globalisation and the Environment

What happens if you give up on stopping global warming


1 Apr 2015

your Northern Ireland environment is…under threat

On budget cuts threatening Northern Ireland’s environment


1 Feb 2015

Agroecology: how to make the very best of Europe’s CAP – from Arc 2020 and Friends of the Earth Europe

Using CAP to choose farming methods that support people and the planet


1 Jan 2015

Naomi Klein’s Thought Bubble: Ethical Oil?

Why we need to overthrow current economic model for something else


30 Nov 2014

Nature Speaks with Julia Roberts as Mother Nature

Mother Nature threatens revenge, with good cause


1 Nov 2014

Exxon – Energy Everywhere

Heavy Crude Video


1 Sep 2014

Peter and Jane: A Short Film about Biofuels

Stop Bad Bio Fuels


1 Aug 2014