Aarhus Workshop “Your Right to a Healthy Environment”

at Cork County Hall

Saturday October 19th, from 10am -4.30pm. 

Workshop Objective: The objective is to inform those attending of their access rights under the Aarhus Convention and related legal instruments (EU & national) and involve them in discussion. The target audience is the general public. The method will be interactive and participative using the World Cafe small group approach. 

The Aarhus Convention is one of the foremost pieces of recent legislation supporting citizens rights to a healthy environment. It was adopted in June 1998 but took Ireland a full 14 years to ratify in June 2012. The workshop in Cork is just one of three in the whole country and we invite you to attend.

Please register by text or call to 083 1468064 or email roadshow@ien.

From Cork Environmental Forum




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