On June 22nd 2012 Action Renewables hosts the ‘Alternative Transport Fuels’ Conference and we are pleased to extend a formal invitation to the event, which will provide exciting opportunities for future research and business development in the transport sector in Ireland, North and South.

With transport fuels in Ireland the most expensive in Europe and pressures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, our business community faces its biggest challenge yet: to find cost effective, energy efficient and sustainable alternative transport fuels. An accurate and reliable overview of the fuel market is crucial if we are to safeguard our long-term investments and fight the squeeze on margins. EU Automotive Industry

This conference provides a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange and transfer with guest speakers from European markets delivering experiences on Alternative Transport in Europe, the Alternative Automobile Industry in Spain and Portugal.  There is also the prospect for delegates to join the Alternative Transport Fuels Association which will exist to provide support and a network base.
Who should attend?
Fleet operators for Haulage, Cars and Vans
Energy managers
Fuel suppliers
Fuel manufacturers
Environmental managers
Vehicle suppliers
Public transport operators
Consultants and advisors in the energy and
transport sectors
Local government – officers and elected
Energy and transport policy-makers
Researchers and academics

Please be advised that a limited number of spaces are available and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Action Renewables by emailing conference@actionrenewables.co.uk or by telephoning 028907277760.
Thanks and Regards
Action Renewables
Email: conference@actionrenewables.co.uk
Tel: 0044(0)28907277760







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