Summary of agency and organisation reports. Updated first of each month.

Ten Environmental Reports

Important environmental reports across the globe


Mel T. Devine and Valentin Bertsch, “Examining the benefits of demand reduction policies for electricity”

Analysis of ‘smart’ demand reduction and self-generation for lowering costs for consumers


1 Apr 2018

European Environment Agency, “Renewable energy in Europe 2017 Update: Recent growth and knock-on effects”

The report confirms that the EU remains on track to reach its 20 % RES share target for 2020, with co-benefits allowing the EU to cut its demand for fossil fuels and their associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions


6 Mar 2018

A Tipping Point on Climate Change in Ireland?

Several recent reports suggest that Ireland may have reached a tipping point where climate action is now broadly and deeply accepted


1 Jan 2018

Natural Climate Solutions for Keeping Greenhouse Gases Down

Fighting global warming with nature instead of reducing fossil fuels and adding energy efficiency


1 Dec 2017

Extreme Weather Attribution: It’s Here to Stay

Connecting the dots between extreme weather events and long term climate changes


2 Nov 2017

ExxonMobil’s Culpability for Climate Change Denialism

How ExxonMobil misled the public on what it knew about the reality and risks of climate change to protect its stock value, and its profits for shareholders and management.


1 Oct 2017

How Bad Is Climate Change Getting in the EU and US? Bad Enough

Two recent studies have examined the impacts from climate change in the European Union and in the United States, including for 2100.


1 Sep 2017

IIEA on Brexit and the Climate: The harder the Brexit, the hotter it gets?

The Institute of International and European Affairs latest analysis of the environmental implications of the UK leaving the EU


1 Aug 2017

European Union in Violation of Access to Justice Under Aarhus Convention

The EU has failed to comply with Article 9 of the Convention that provides access to justice to contest any act or omission that contravenes environmental laws


1 Jul 2017

The Space We Have: Planning for Ireland in 2040

Irish government planning framework for what Ireland will, or should, look like in 2040


1 Jun 2017

Recent Developments in EU Environmental Law: The Academy of European Law Conference

The latest policies, legislation, and case law on climate, energy and emissions, trade agreements, and EIA.


2 May 2017

How Cities Can Pay for Fighting Climate Change Impacts

EEA report on adaptation measures that are being implemented throughout the EU and how such measures are and can be financed


1 Apr 2017

Solar Power and Electric Vehicles Are Rapidly Replacing Fossil Fuels

Recent study by Carbon Tracker and Grantham Institute at Imperial College London on how and when solar PV and EVs will replace fossil fuels


1 Mar 2017

Fracking on the Island of Ireland: Insurmountable Hurdles

A recent study by the governments in the island of Ireland concludes that fracking must be rejected at this time


1 Feb 2017

The Disappointing Irish Climate Change Advisory Council First Report

We need the Advisory Council to be proactive but so far it has shown only reticence


1 Jan 2017

Irish EPA Annual Conference: What Was Covered, What Was Not; Who Was There, Who Was Not

On the state of the environment in Ireland in 2016, but with some pressing issues passed over


1 Dec 2016

The European Environmental Bureau Convenes for Annual Conference: Fighting for the Environment While the EU Smolders

Current efforts to fight to protect the environment even in the face of deep concerns about immigration, austerity budgets, terrorism and Brexit


1 Nov 2016

Trust the Dutch When It Comes to Protecting People from Flooding

Dealing with low probability flooding that has large consequences


30 Sep 2016

Climate Smart Agriculture: If Only. Reports from IIEA/RDS, and from Environmental Pillar/Stop Climate Chaos

The conversation about Irish farming has been fundamentally changed and no one can now claim more money for Irish farm production is only so the poor of the world can be fed.


1 Sep 2016

Can the UK promote fracking and stick to its carbon budgets and 2050 target? Not unless it can meet three tests. An Assessment from the UK Climate Change Committee

An assessment of fracking by the UK Climate Change Commission raises serious questions about whether fracking is inconsistent with the UK 2050 GHG target and interim carbon budgets


1 Aug 2016

Agroecology: Is there a clear green path from monocultures to diversity in agriculture?

As we move from fossil fuels to renewables, are we also ready for a similar revolution against industrial agriculture and in favor of local, diversified farming


1 Jul 2016

Brexit: If the UK Leaves the EU, It Likely Goes from the “Dirty Man of Europe” to the “Dirty Outlier”

The Conservative government in the UK has opposed many environmental protection efforts and renewable energy initiatives, and we can certainly expect more of the same if the UK leaves the EU.


1 Jun 2016

Irish Government’s Plans for Efficient and Renewable Energy: Not Enough, By Far

A recent report from SEAI shows that Ireland is facing substantial fines for missing its energy targets


1 May 2016

The Irish Government Is Failing to Meet Its EU GHG Obligations, says an Irish EPA Report: A Look at the Message and the Messenger

The free ride for agriculture as Ireland fails to meet its GHG emission reductions, and who is going to pay for the ride


1 Apr 2016