Summary of agency and organisation reports. Updated first of each month.

Ten Environmental Reports

Important environmental reports across the globe – June 2024


Environmental Injustice, Roma Style

A study of environmental racism against Roma communities in Central and Eastern Europe by European Environmental Bureau (EEB), the European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network (ERGO) and Environmental Justice


1 May 2020

The First and Last Mile of Transport: EEA Sustainable Urban Transport Report

EEA report on the viability of transport options for short distance travel in cities, as well as ways of making urban freight transport more sustainable.


1 Apr 2020

Land Use Polices for UK Net Zero Economy: The Committee on Climate Change Report

Land use policies that will be necessary for reaching the UK commitment for a Net Zero economy by 2050.


1 Mar 2020

The Haves and Have Nots: Oxfam on “Extreme Carbon Inequality”

Climate policies and actions must deliver relief for those least at fault and most at risk from climate breakdown


1 Feb 2020

Irish Climate Inaction: From Lagging to Begrudging

The Irish government current positions on climate action seem like Green Washing rather than any substantive change of heart or mind.


1 Jan 2020

Automated, Electric and Shared Transport Are Not Enough. We Must also Have Zero Emissions and Sound Urban Planning

Transformative tech fixes in transport are necessary but insufficient, as zero emissions and smart urban planning are also required


1 Dec 2019

Soil and Land and Climate Breakdown: An EEA Signals Report

The report reminds us that all our climate problems are not only above us in the atmosphere, but also under our feet on the land and its soil.


1 Nov 2019

Assessment of Irish Government’s Climate Action Plan

Ambitious or Flat-footed?


1 Oct 2019

John Gibbons, The Story of the Decade – Media and Climate Change

Leading Irish environmental media critic on media and environment over past 10 years in Ireland


1 Sep 2019

Climate Litigation: Current Status Globally

How people are trying to structure litigation to hold those responsible for the GHGs that are driving climate emergencies


1 Aug 2019

A Green New Deal for Europe: 10 Pillars and An Act of Imagination

Climate breakdown demands not just environmental policies but also a transformation to an economy that is more prosperous, more just, and more sustainable than ever before


1 Jul 2019

Report on Ireland’s Joint Committee on Climate Action: An Encouraging Step Forward

The Oireachtas takes on a stronger role in holding the Government and public bodies to account for climate actions


1 Jun 2019

Stop Idling Vehicles: Report from Public Health England

Driving a vehicle causes polluting emissions that create health risks and acerbates climate changes. But idling the vehicle can be just as destructive.


1 May 2019

Ireland is Still Lagging on Climate Change

Describing the worst country in Europe, and 48th out of 60 countries, on climate change performance as a laggard is a bit of an understatement


1 Apr 2019

EEA, Unequal Impacts From Air and Noise Pollution, and Extreme Temperatures, on Vulnerable Populations

Report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) on environmental health risks that disproportionately impact people with lower incomes and education, and higher unemployment, and what is being done and not done to protect these vulnerable people


1 Mar 2019

EEB Report on Access to Justice and Litigation in the EU

Report by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) on how access to justice in the courts is being hindered in EU Member States


1 Feb 2019

The Mostly Invisible Yet Critical World of UK Infrastructure

A new report on the UK endless cycle of delays, prevarication and uncertainty in dealing with infrastructure reforms


1 Jan 2019

Mercury Rising: Health and Environmental Risks

A recent report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) on the toxic mercury rising in the environment creating health risks, as well as adverse effects on wildlife


1 Dec 2018

Trade Unions and Climate Change: A German Perspective

“Sustainable development” has been translated into “Just Transition” to reflect the recognition that the labor market and community is undergoing a structural transition as a result of climate change


27 Oct 2018

Do the number of public charging sites make a critical difference in increasing electric vehicle acceptance in the EU? Not really, says Transport & Environment study

Public chargers are used for only 5% of charging events, while charging cars at home and/or at work supply the rest


1 Oct 2018

The Irish Climate Change Advisory Council’s Growing Frustration with Government Inaction

A forceful stance on the Irish government’s continual refusal to address the corrective measures to put a stop to the increasing GHG emissions.


1 Sep 2018

The UK Committee on Climate Change Progress Report on What Further Climate Actions Are Needed by the UK Government

One of the sounder and more progressive voices on climate change offers its considered judgment on what more the UK government needs to do after picking off the low-hanging mitigation fruit


1 Aug 2018

Heather Baier, “Loughed Away: Brexit Raises Concerns About Environmental Protection”

The risks to places like cross-border Loughs Carlingford and Foyle, if and when, Brexit finally happens


1 Jul 2018

The Geography of Future Water Challenges: a Report from PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

A Dutch report on the pressures that will put stress on water resources across the globe up to 2050


1 Jun 2018