Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency is creating the first Irish Local Energy Hub to help combat Climate Change and encourage Low-Carbon Development.

The Local Energy Hub is part of the major European initiative: Data4Action.

Combating Climate Change

For the first time in Ireland, Carlow Kilkenny Local Energy Hub will collect annual energy consumption data from energy providers, Local Authorities, participating local businesses, and the general public. Analysis of this data will help to develop a sustainable energy action plan that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Elsewhere in Europe it has been shown that public participation is the key to enabling individuals and organisations to benefit from the financial savings that can be achieved. The Local Energy Hub will operate as an information platform helping everyone to improve energy efficiency and save money.

Making It Happen

The Local Energy Hub is being managed by Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency, working together with the Local Authorities, Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland, International Energy Research Centre, City of Dublin Energy Management Agency, and Rennicks.

Understanding the pattern of local energy use and greenhouse gas emission will become ever more important as Ireland contributes to combating climate change. The Local Energy Hub is an innovation that will assist. It will gather, assess, process and model energy data to underpin sustainable energy planning at regional and local levels. The Carlow Kilkenny Local Energy Hub will provide a repository:, for all of the data on energy performance in the area. This will inform the creation of smart, evidence-based Sustainable Energy Action Plans for Carlow and Kilkenny County Councils.

How Can You Help?

The Local Energy Hub will not function properly unless we are able to obtain reliable and up-to-date data on energy consumption – and this is where we need everyone in Carlow and Kilkenny counties to become involved. The idea is simple – we are creating a secure database to handle all of the energy data from the area – the database will go live in November 2015, but in the meantime we invite the people and businesses of Counties Carlow and Kilkenny to register, have a look at the information that is required, and provide any suggestions or ideas to help improve the Local Energy Observatory.

To access the Local Energy Hub, follow the link: All of the information that is provided to the Local Energy Hub will remain confidential, and the data will be used anonymously.

For any questions please contact


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