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Attend a special screening of “River Runner” at Bantry Cinema at 8pm on 22nd March 2015 to mark UN World Water Day, the theme for 2015 is Water & Sustainability. This event will have inputs from the Director, Declan O’Mahony and contributors Alan Nolan & Kevin Corcoran. Mark Boyden, Coomhola Salmon Trust and Chairperson, Sustainable Water Network will also participate.

UntitledThe film is the untold story of the River Lee from source to sea. It is an in-depth portrait of the Lee system which highlights the dilemma of the wild Atlantic Salmon, the demise of the Pearl Water Mussel and the clear felling of an ancient and rare inland forest delta


Local film Director, Declan O’Mahony, depicts the untold saga of the River Lee in River Runner. The film is narrated by two Corkonians, Alan Nolan and Kevin Corcoran. Alan, who grew up beside the lower reaches of the river, is a world class salmon angler who passionately describes the present dilemma of the River Lee’s ‘King of Fish’, the Wild Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar). Alan explains that this native fish species is a prime indicator of a healthy river! If the salmon is in trouble there is no doubt in his mind that greater issues need our attention. Through his lucid and brilliantly told stories Alan highlights the changing fortunes of the Lee’s salmon stocks, which are now critically close to annihilation. The River Lee was once widely known at home and abroad as the ‘Silver Lee’, due to the abundance of Atlantic Salmon, trout and eel. However this factual portrayal has been long forgotten. The intriguing story of this migratory fish has never been told in such detail as Alan Nolan relates for us, the complex truth of what happens under the surface of our native waters.

Further information, contact

Bernie Connolly, Cork Environmental Forum


Tel.: 083 1468064


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