Nominations Due Oct 17, 2013

Cork Environmental Forum is seeking nominations for their annual Environmental Awards. CEF has held its Environmental Awards ceremony since 2001 which aims to acknowledge and honour the sometimes little known actions of groups, organisations and individuals around the county that have contributed to the health or richness of the Cork environment.

Awards are nominated under the four main pillars of the Forum , namely the Public Sector, Business and Commercial Sector , Community & Voluntary Sector and Individual Category. A Community Garden Award has been in place since 2009 and a Lifetime Achievement Award may be given from time to time at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Nominations are accepted from CEF members and members of the public for actions that are in keeping with the spirit of sustainable development and community resilience. The Awards have proven to be a very positive public acknowledgement of the work that groups, individuals, communities and businesses undertake every day to improve their environment and that of the wider community.

CEF invites you to nominate those people, groups, public bodies and private companies who are making a difference and deserve an appreciation of their work. The nomination process is very straight forward, forms can be completed and submitted on-line on the CEF website at You are also encouraged to submit photos or supporting material to The deadline for receipt of nominations is 5pm on Thursday 17th October 2013

Adjudication is carried out by 3 members of the CEF Management Committee and this year the External member is Michael Ewing, Co-ordinator of the Environmental Pillar.

The award presentation will be the Firkin Crane Theatre in Shandon, on Thursday 5th December 2013. All are welcome.



Bernie Connolly, Development Coordinator, Cork Environmental Forum

Tel: 023 8839700/ 083 1468064



Background information on Cork Environmental Forum:

CEF is a not for profit organisation based in County Cork, Ireland. We work to promote sustainable development in the region by connecting with key community groups and running our own programme of sustainability events and projects. Our philosophy is based on local agenda 21 principles and our members represent a cross section of society in the county, brought together by their desire for local action on their environment.




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