Friends of the Earth is very excited and honoured to welcome the Chair of Friends of the Earth International, Nnimmo Bassey as our guest to Ireland this August. While here he will speak at events in Leitrim, Mayo and Dublin. Nnimmo is an award-winning environmental activist and is best known for his organisation’s work to prevent and reverse the negative impacts of Shell’s activities in Nigeria. Indefatigably, Bassey has stood up against the practices of Shell and other multinationals in his country, often taking great personal risks to protect his environment and community from destruction. He is a truly inspirational activist and we are extremely honoured by his visit.

Nnimmo is here to meet and speak with communities opposing extractive industries in Ireland and share his insights from resisting Shell in Nigeria. Nnimmo will speak at three events during his trip.

On Sunday the 19th of August we are jointly organising an event with Afri, in Glenamoy, Co Mayo starting at 2pm. You can register for this event here. This event is entitled “Ar Scáth a Chéile: Sustaining Hope and Humanity”. The local campaign has been resisting Shell in Erris for over a decade. In the face of Shell’s repression the resistance has sustained powerful hope and humanity. This event will be about sharing and celebrating hope.

 See Events listings for other appearances by Nnimmo Bassey in Ireland in August.

For more information and registration for the events, see:  Nnimmo Bassey, award-winning Nigerian environmentalist speaking in Ireland this August  at Friends of the Earth

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  • 18 Sep 2012 at 3:16 pm Dafne

    The fact is the fine is very miniscule cormepad to fines levied by other governments in oil producing countries like Brazil and USA, where similar large spills have occured. As I understand it, Shell was negligent and did not maintain the hose which eventually leaked the oil. They knew the hose was due for service but focussed on money. Only in Nigeria can such recklessness happen. I commend the FG, especially the Ntional Oil Spill Management Agency for doing their job. I hope the criminal element in the Niger Delta does not cease upon this to forment mayhem in the region that has suffered so much already. Shell should just quickly negotiate for a possible reduction and pay fast. Maybe the govt can reduce it to $4.5bn. Then Shell should go on to pay due compensation for all outstanding spills and environmental damage. Shell can afford $5bn after over 50 years of savaging the Nigerian environment and making over $700billion (USD) in profit, which goes to the Dutch nation. Please Shell do not spit anymore in the face of this great nation. When Obama fined BP $20 billion besides them spending over $110bn to clean up the US Gulf coast, no whimper was heard but Nigeria cannot get respect. That money should be used for healing the breaches in Nigerian oil exploration and then the fines for healing the communities destroyed by Shell and left a shell of their former selves. Keep it up Goodluck Jonathan!

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