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Agriculture and Water

An EEA report on the adverse impacts on water resources from agricultural practices 


Interview with John McMullan, Bryson Charitable Group

On the environmental work of Bryson Charitable Group in energy and recycling


1 Mar 2019

Interview with Dr. Jade Berman, Ulster Wildlife and Nature Matters Northern Ireland

On the impact of Brexit on protection of the marine environment in Northern Ireland


1 Feb 2019

Interview with Anne-Marie McDevitt, Project Manager of Nature Matters Northern Ireland

Interview with Anne-Marie McDevitt, Project Manager of Nature Matters Northern Ireland, on implications of BREXIT for NI environment


1 Jan 2019

Clemmer, Richardson, Sattler and Lochbaum, “The Nuclear Power Dilemma: Declining Profits, Plant Closures, and the Threat of Rising Carbon Emissions”

The Union of Concerned Scientists’ assessment of the current status, and usefulness, of nuclear power in US


1 Dec 2018

Trade Unions and Climate Change: A German Perspective

“Sustainable development” has been translated into “Just Transition” to reflect the recognition that the labor market and community is undergoing a structural transition as a result of climate change


27 Oct 2018

Do the number of public charging sites make a critical difference in increasing electric vehicle acceptance in the EU? Not really, says Transport & Environment study

Public chargers are used for only 5% of charging events, while charging cars at home and/or at work supply the rest


1 Oct 2018

Interview with Mindy O’Brien, Coordinator, Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment (VOICE)

On VOICE’s work on waste issues, including food waste and zero waste, and on water issues


1 Jun 2018

David Roberts on “Climate change is simple” in TEDx talk

Leading commentator, formerly of Grist and now with Vox, on the causes and effects of climate change in blunt, plain terms


1 Apr 2018

Joe Romm, “Trump’s infrastructure plan is ‘a whole lot of waste’ just like his border wall”

On the folly of Trump’s infrastructure plans to spend billions of dollars on developing projects that will likely be ruined by the impacts of a rapidly changing climate


6 Mar 2018

Drop in the Ocean Ireland and Climate Change? – Trocaire

Ignoring climate change undermines the planet and poverty reforms


1 Feb 2018

Frank Convery, “Where climate change will hurt most”

We are only beginning to learn where the climate damages will be, when they will occur and how catastrophic they will be


1 Jan 2018

Interview with Diarmuid McAree, Director, Crann, Trees for Ireland

On efforts to protect and plant trees in Ireland, Sustainable Forest Management, and Green Jobs from woodlands


2 Nov 2017

ExxonMobil’s Culpability for Climate Change Denialism

How ExxonMobil misled the public on what it knew about the reality and risks of climate change to protect its stock value, and its profits for shareholders and management.


1 Oct 2017

IIEA on Brexit and the Climate: The harder the Brexit, the hotter it gets?

The Institute of International and European Affairs latest analysis of the environmental implications of the UK leaving the EU


1 Aug 2017

European Union in Violation of Access to Justice Under Aarhus Convention

The EU has failed to comply with Article 9 of the Convention that provides access to justice to contest any act or omission that contravenes environmental laws


1 Jul 2017

Recent Developments in EU Environmental Law: The Academy of European Law Conference

The latest policies, legislation, and case law on climate, energy and emissions, trade agreements, and EIA.


2 May 2017

Interview with Dr. Cara Augustenborg, Chairperson of Friends of the Earth Ireland

On agriculture and climate change in Ireland


1 Feb 2017

Interview with Attracta Uí Bhroin of the Irish Environmental Network

On the workings of and problems with recent proposed EU trade agreements with Canada (CETA) and the US (TTIP)


1 Jan 2017

Interview with Aedin McLoughlin, Good Energies Alliance Ireland

On anti-fracking and good energies campaigns on the Island of Ireland


1 Nov 2016

David Roberts, “Relax, your electric car isn’t going to run out of juice”

“Range anxiety” from driving electric cars is very rapidly going to become an anachronism.


1 Oct 2016

Berna van Vilsteren and Vincent Harmsen, “Clean air bought the farm: agro-lobby decimates air quality directive”

The inside story of how the agriculture sector lobbied to weaken EU air quality standards with serious consequence for the health of Europeans


1 Aug 2016

Joe Romm, “We Can Stop Searching For The Clean Energy Miracle. It’s Already Here.”

That’s a key reason almost everything you know about climate change solutions is probably outdated.


1 Jun 2016

Irish Government’s Plans for Efficient and Renewable Energy: Not Enough, By Far

A recent report from SEAI shows that Ireland is facing substantial fines for missing its energy targets


1 May 2016