The dark side of environmentalism


1 Sep 2019

Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

What happens when the climate clock runs out?


1 Aug 2019

Fossil fuel interests supporting carbon taxes?

Watch for the wolf in sheep’s clothing


1 Jul 2019

Climate Change Linguistic Tipping Point

How we talk about climate change is shifting


1 Jun 2019

Is abstaining from eating meat on Mondays a mortal sin?

Yes it is, if you follow the church of the Irish Farmers’ Association


1 May 2019

The ruckus over the Democrat’s Green New Deal

Linking climate change with economic inequality


1 Mar 2019

Attacking the Irish Government’s abysmal National Mitigation Plan

The Friends of the Irish Environment eNGO raises the stakes in court


1 Feb 2019

What’s With the Yellow Vest Protests in France Against a Diesel Fuel Tax

A Push Back on Carbon Pricing, or Something Else?


1 Jan 2019

The Dark Side of Nuclear

It’s “clean” energy but when it goes wrong, it goes very wrong


1 Dec 2018

Even more dire reports from the IPCC about devastating effects of climate change

Great news for the Trump administration! WTF?


27 Oct 2018

The toxic legacy of air pollution

The risks to brains and babies


1 Oct 2018

The false choice of mitigation vs adaptation

It’s a dangerous dilemma for the indigenous Sami of Sweden and their reindeer


1 Sep 2018

Watch for sheep dressed in oil cloth. They can be slippery.

That’s what proposals for carbon tax can sometimes feel like.


1 Aug 2018

Some cheery thoughts about action on climate change

Sometimes, maybe most times, we can be depressed and depressing on environmental issues so it’s only fair to be cheery occasionally


1 Jul 2018

Trump and Pruitt are trying to gut the US EPA and undermine its function to protect health and the environment

Reagan tried the same thing in the 1980s and here’s an example of how he failed at the Times Beach, Missouri dioxin Superfund site


1 Jun 2018

How Big Oil Now Talks about Climate Change

It’s real. It’s happening. It’s dangerous. BUT…


1 May 2018

R.I.P. Ishimure Michiko, 1928 – February 10, 2018

Ishimure wrote movingly about the suffering and resilience of the people afflicted by mercury poisoning in Minamata, Japan, one of the most grievous environmental disasters. Her empathy, kindness and courage served as a source of and inspiration for the story about Minimata, as told below.


6 Mar 2018

A lawsuit to stop the expansion of Dublin Airport was rejected by the High Court

But the lawsuit has paid a rather large legal dividend: a ground-breaking finding by the High Court of a constitutional right to an environment that protects human dignity and well-being


1 Feb 2018

Wishes for 2018

Some hopeful, some desperate


1 Jan 2018

Winning the battle over climate change

But losing the war?


1 Dec 2017

Trump’s Pending Repeal of Obama’s Clean Power Plan

Not so easy because of the EPA Endangerment finding on carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act


2 Nov 2017

Irish Ambassadors and Champions of Climate Change

Coming soon to a community near you


1 Oct 2017