Irish Doctors for the Environment call on local councillors

To reduce emissions, improve population health, and restore the natural world


Putin may not be as dumb as he seems

Instead of chasing some fantasy Empire, maybe he is invading Ukraine to capture its natural resources


1 Apr 2022

Checking on your drafty window or door from space

Clever tech-climate advances


1 Mar 2022

Opposition to environmental regulation

First attack the regulations, then the budget, then the people advocating environmental protection


1 Feb 2022

Natural gas as a “transitional” fuel?

Only in the gas industry’s dreams


1 Jan 2022

The new climate denialism

Migration and borders


1 Dec 2021

The Writing on the Climate Wall

Businesses and industries can read it


1 Nov 2021

EU’s “Fit for 55” and the carbon border tax

Is the fitness program more than an exercise in alliteration?


1 Aug 2021

Lessons from the COVID pandemic for climate breakdown

First of all, trust the scientists


30 Jun 2021

One Very Dark Day for Fossil Fuel Companies

And a bright shining moment for the rest of us


1 Jun 2021

The Fantasies of Conversion to eCars

And some of the realities


1 Apr 2021

Continuing to extend the reach of environmental litigation

Manchester, France, and Nigeria


1 Mar 2021

Extending the reach of environmental litigation

Coroners, deportation, and the Amazon


1 Feb 2021

What’s New on the Energy Front?

Zombie Energy


1 Jan 2021

Government takes abstraction to the next level

New Water Bill is strong on verbiage, weak on commitment


1 Dec 2020

Irish Supreme Court Decision in a Climate Case

When Vagueness Became Illegal


1 Oct 2020

Exhausted from reading or hearing about coronavirus, BoJo and Trump

Try the daily news on climate change to feel better?


1 Sep 2020

There has been a call for wildlife crime busters in the Gardaí

Maybe beefing up prosecution of environmental crime within the Irish EPA would work better


1 Aug 2020

Idling engines make the devil’s work

They can harm and kill, and for no good reason.


1 Jul 2020

A broad and deep climate action plan that is not centered on carbon pricing?

Yep, it’s possible, and American enviros seem to think they have such a plan


1 Jun 2020

Hey, Let’s Get Together and Form a Government in Ireland

OK, as long as we do not have to commit to any actual actions!


1 May 2020