Europe’s transport sector set to make up almost half of the continent’s emissions in 2030

Transport sector as the “problem child” of Europe’s climate efforts


Natural gas as a “transitional” fuel?

Only in the gas industry’s dreams


1 Jan 2022

The new climate denialism

Migration and borders


1 Dec 2021

The Writing on the Climate Wall

Businesses and industries can read it


1 Nov 2021

EU’s “Fit for 55” and the carbon border tax

Is the fitness program more than an exercise in alliteration?


1 Aug 2021

Lessons from the COVID pandemic for climate breakdown

First of all, trust the scientists


30 Jun 2021

One Very Dark Day for Fossil Fuel Companies

And a bright shining moment for the rest of us


1 Jun 2021

The Fantasies of Conversion to eCars

And some of the realities


1 Apr 2021

Continuing to extend the reach of environmental litigation

Manchester, France, and Nigeria


1 Mar 2021

Extending the reach of environmental litigation

Coroners, deportation, and the Amazon


1 Feb 2021

What’s New on the Energy Front?

Zombie Energy


1 Jan 2021

Government takes abstraction to the next level

New Water Bill is strong on verbiage, weak on commitment


1 Dec 2020

Irish Supreme Court Decision in a Climate Case

When Vagueness Became Illegal


1 Oct 2020

Exhausted from reading or hearing about coronavirus, BoJo and Trump

Try the daily news on climate change to feel better?


1 Sep 2020

There has been a call for wildlife crime busters in the Gardaí

Maybe beefing up prosecution of environmental crime within the Irish EPA would work better


1 Aug 2020

Idling engines make the devil’s work

They can harm and kill, and for no good reason.


1 Jul 2020

A broad and deep climate action plan that is not centered on carbon pricing?

Yep, it’s possible, and American enviros seem to think they have such a plan


1 Jun 2020

Hey, Let’s Get Together and Form a Government in Ireland

OK, as long as we do not have to commit to any actual actions!


1 May 2020

Dealing with Coronavirus and Climate Breakdown

Anything to be learned?


1 Apr 2020

Juliana v. United States: A Disappointing Result

But with a lesson to be learned: we need to focus on the rhetoric of remedies, not causes


1 Feb 2020